What is the cost of installation?

Standard Installation costs $300.00 plus tax.

What is the service fee?

Our monthly fees are dependent on the service package you select.

What do I get for an installation?

Radio mounted on the exterior of your home pointed to our relay network. You also receive a wireless router for Wi-Fi access and a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and professional installation.

Cabling from the Radio/Antenna/Router to one computer.

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to protect your equipment.

I have more than one computer I would like on line, can you help with this?

Your service comes with a wireless router so you can connect multiple devices to use your service.

Does HSI block anything or throttle any website traffic?

HSI does not throttle speeds to any website. HSI does block port 25 to prevent spamming.

I do not know about computer networking but I have an IPOD, a wireless printer, a laptop, and my cell phone will work on a broadband connection, and I have a Roku device I would like to have online, can you help?

Our core competency is Internet delivery. We understand the frustrations of having all of these toys that can be networked together and not knowing how to do it. We are capable of assisting you with getting these toys connected online.

Hooking up your toys to your network and making them functional online is a value added service we can perform for $80 per hour with a one hour minimum charge, this charge is for us to come out to your home. Sometimes we recommend you bring in the equipment and we are able to get them to connect to your router for free. Call us for details in regards to your particular situation.

Who owns what?

You own the equipment, this avoids lengthy contracts between our company and our clients.

What are your areas of coverage?

Currently we provide the microwave wireless high speed Internet to the following communities in the East Mountain Area:
La Madera
Sandia Park
Cedar Crest

We anticipate additional communities in the near future.

What Kind of Speeds can I anticipate?

This service is a best effort service. We provide our clients the most bandwidth we are capable of providing. That being said typically we can provide 2 megabit per second to 15 megabits per second of download transfer rates, and 1 megabits per second to 5 megabits per second upload transfer rates. This of course depends on network traffic, and what you want to pay us for.

What is your connection to the Internet?

We currently have a 10 gigabit fiber optic wave into Albuquerque and a 1 gigabit licensed microwave uplink over the Crest into Albuquerque for redundancy.