The service we offer is ground/fixed base microwave wireless Internet.  Our service utilizes IEEE 802.11abgn, 2.4/5.8 GHz spectrum.  This means it is not satellite Internet where the signal travels to space and back.  Our service is similar to cell phone tower technology.  Higher Speed Internet has Internet towers or relays located all over the East Mountain area.

If your home is in the line of site to our towers you will qualify for our service.  We then install a microwave radio, similar to the one on the right, and point it to our relay network.  From this device we install a category 5 OSP cable from the radio to your computer or router.

Your installation includes wireless service and you be provided a router. The router will enable you to directly connect to three computers as well as multiple devices wirelessly. Your installation includes a wireless router. The router will enable you to directly connect to three computers as well as multiple devices wirelessly.

The standard installation is $300.00 (plus sales tax). Installation includes a radios (similar to the picture above), a wireless router, cabling, UPS (Battery Backup/Surge Unit) and professional installation. If the line of site of your location to our towers is further than this radio can operate, a higher priced installation may be required. There are no contracts with our service – you are purchasing the equipment to receive our internet service.

We sell and configure replacement routers for secure communications for $50.00 plus tax.

Our Most Popular Packages: (rates do not show tax)

1M x 768k $ 44.95 pr month

2M x 1M $69.95 pr month

3M x 1.5M $ 89.95 pr month

Fast Internet for Tijeras $99.00 pr month
(More service packages available, give us a call at 505-867-3298)


Save With Pre-Pay – 6 months (5% discount) or 12 months (8% discount).

Military Discount – Be sure to ask about our selected 50% off military packages!

3rdMonth Free – Get your 3rd month of internet service for paying in full at installation.

Referral Discount – Like our service? Tell your friends and get a free month of service!

Ministry Discounts – Pay for installation and get free monthly service! (Call the office for details 505-867-3298)

Data rates can vary depending on, but not limited to terrain, network utilization, etc. (See Our Terms Of Service) Higher Speed Internet reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Installation and pro-rated service packages are due on installation date. Please click here for billing cycle information.

Standard Installation costs $300.00 plus tax.

Our monthly fees are dependent on the service package you select.

Your service comes with a wireless router so you can connect multiple devices to use your service.

Our core competency is Internet delivery. We understand the frustrations of having all of these toys that can be networked together and not knowing how to do it. We are capable of assisting you with getting these toys connected online.

Hooking up your toys to your network and making them functional online is a value added service we can perform for $80 per hour with a one hour minimum charge, this charge is for us to come out to your home. Sometimes we recommend you bring in the equipment and we are able to get them to connect to your router for free. Call us for details in regards to your particular situation.

HSI does not throttle speeds to any website. HSI does block port 25 to prevent spamming.

You own the equipment, unless under special promotion, this avoids lengthy contracts between our company and our clients.

Currently we provide the microwave wireless high speed Internet to the following communities in the East Mountain Area:

La Madera
Sandia Park
Cedar Crest

We anticipate additional communities in the near future.

This service is a best effort service. We provide our clients the most bandwidth we are capable of providing. That being said typically we can provide 2 megabit per second to 15 megabits per second of download transfer rates, and 1 megabits per second to 5 megabits per second upload transfer rates. This of course depends on network traffic, and what you want to pay us for.

We currently have a 10 gigabit fiber optic wave into Albuquerque and a 1 gigabit licensed microwave uplink over the Crest into Albuquerque for redundancy. HSI is the only wireless provider in the area with this upstream uplink. All others are at 1 gigabit.

Standard installation is mounting a radio or fiber optic NID on the exterior of your home or business, running a CAT 5E cable from that point into a central part of your home or business. If that is not possible and we need to run cable in the attic or under the home or business to the central location in your home or business, $80 per hour per man will be added for this convenience.

We will make every attempt to connect all of your Internet gizmo’s to your new connection. The only applications we support are our Internet and email, (if you want an email address). Other applications such as Dish, Direct TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime and any voice services are not our responsibilities. These are applications that run on a broadband connection and we are not responsible to make them work. Spending more than 20 minutes trying to connect these applications will cost $80 per man per hour past 20 minutes.

Yes we can point you to the known best voice service that works well on our network.

Yes we can and we can recommend an economical solutions for your situation. This is a value added service, e.g. $80 per hour per man, if called out to your home or business.